How To See Energy And Your Aura – Lesson 2

3760552_f260Seeing Energy

This week we are going to explore energy some more, but this time instead of feeling it we are going to actually see it. Wow, something you can feel and see it must be real. If you are the type of person that has to see or feel things in order to believe something is real this is for you.
Energy is your life force you can feel it and see it if you know how. This is what keeps us alive, other than our body system of course. You have heard of people dying right after a loved one has passed and nothing physical was wrong with them. The reason this happens sometimes is because the soul, or energy of the being so to speak has given up and no longer wishes to exist on this earth plane, and the energy life force of the body stops vibrating, which in turn causes death to the physical body.
Energy can also be seen around trees, rocks, animals, anything that is living, or has been made from something that was living at some point and time. Let me explain this a little more. Let’s take a wooden box, this box was made from a tree, which at one point was alive. The energy of that tree still exists in the box. Energy vibrates, even after something has died, it still exists in the universe.
Last lesson we felt the energy between our hands, this lesson we are going to see it. Are you ready? Here we go.
The easiest way to see energy at first is looking at a tree. It is better if you are sitting in a comfortable position, and try to completely relax. Now look above the tree top, not at the tree top, but just about a ½ to 1 inch above the tree top, clear your mind and take your eyes out of focus, sort of like your day dreaming, look beyond the tree top. What you should be seeing is a white hue around the tree top. At first it might be a small hue, but the longer you look at it the white hue will grow and become larger. This is the tree’s energy field. After a while you will be able to look at the tree’s trunk and see the energy around the trunk also.
You can also see your own energy field which is called an Aura. Aura’s have different colors depending on the mood someone is in, or how spiritual, (closer to their higher-self) they are. If someone is sick, the color of their Aura will change also. At first you will probably only see a white Aura around yourself and others. After you get the hang of it you will be able to see the colors of the Aura.
There are different ways that you can see your Aura easily for the first time. The two ways I’m going to show you are the easiest. The first one you will need a light colored background, such as light blue, tan, white, any light color will do fine.You will also need a mirror. You can do this sitting down or standing up it doesn’t matter just as long as you feel comfortable.
Just like the tree, you are going to look about ½ to 1 inch above your head, stand in front of the mirror and look at the wall not your head. You might need to take your eyes out of focus at first.
Do you see it? What you should be seeing at this moment is a white hue just like the hue around the trees. This is your energy field. Your energy field is all around your body, in-between your fingers, toes, everywhere.
The second way to see your Aura is looking in between your fingers. Hold your hand up and spread your fingers. Now look between your fingers, look beyond the space between your fingers, you might also have to take your eyes out of focus. There should be an outline of your fingers, sometimes the color is not white or any color for that matter, it is just an outline of your fingers.
This does take practice. Some of you might see it on your first try while others it might take a few times to get this down. Now that you can see and feel energy you are on your way to connecting to your higher-self.
There are several books available that are wonderful and will help explain the process of connecting to your higher-self, and how our energy can affect others. Below are some books I personally have read and truly enjoyed. They have helped me on my path to connect to my higher-self. In my opinion the first book anyone should read, if they truly want to take the path to high-self is The Celestine Prophecy. I have listed this book and others for you to consider reading.
Next time I will be writing about the colors of your Aura, and Crystals.
I wish all the best for you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am here for you in your journey to your higher-self.

Karen Beth