Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Every great business owner or CEO knows they need an exceptional person that has their back. Keeping them organized, making appointments, creating documents, keeping in touch with their clients, and running everything in the background so they can focus on the main objectives of their business. They also know they have to watch expenses and overhead costs.

In today’s business, hiring a traditional employee doesn’t always make sense. With the new health laws, having to pay for sick leave, vacations, and other unforeseen issues that might arise, hiring an employee could break the bank.

Here’s a formula we use to help business owners figure out if hiring a traditional employee or hiring a virtual assistant is the better solution for their situation.

Traditional employee
Salary or hourly wage + healthcare + vacation + social security + workmen’s comp + taxes + overhead (office space, electricity, phone, computer equipment, office furniture)

Virtual Assistant
Salary or hourly wage  (most virtual assistants are freelancers and require only a 1099.)

Of course, if you need someone to hold down the fort while you are gone, and handle all the foot traffic that comes into your business, you will need at least one traditional employee. However, if you need other tasks completed that don’t require an onsite presence, hiring a virtual assistant to handle other tasks could save you a ton of money.