Why Use Gmail

With all the different fee email services out there why should you use Gmail?  Gmail isn’t just an email account. There are so many other features that come with a Gmail account that makes life easier.   Below are the top nine reasons why you should use Gmail.


  1. Gmail uses labels and filters to help you organize email easier. An email can have several labels. Filters and labels allows you to forget about putting email in certain folders.  It automatically sends the email to the appropriate assigned folder.
  2. You can use Google SEARCH within Gmail to find the exact message you want – no matter when it was sent or received.
  3. There is a cool chat feature within the Gmail interface you can chat to friends or colleges right on you Gmail account page. You can also do a video chat.
  4. Google Voice is also another cool feature. You can sign up for a free phone number and call people from your computer or cell phone using that number.
  5. Google Docs is also available to you free, which has a word processor, along with Google sheets, which is like Microsoft Excel, and Google slides, which is similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint.
  6. Google Drive is another feature where you can store documents and share for others to read or edit in real time.
  7. There are many extensions that you can add to your Gmail account to make it more powerful, such as Gmail with Boomerang lets you send emails in the future. You don’t want to forget a birthday or a meeting reminder? Or you want to send an email at a specific time? Boomerang lets you do it!
  8. Fetch your other mail: Gmail feature is Mail Fetcher, which can check up to five other email accounts and download all that mail into your Gmail. To help keep things organized, Mail Fetcher can automatically label and archive all this incoming mail.
  9. Gmail restricts downloads from automatically starting, just in case you open an infected email, and blocks images until you allow them to be seen.


With all these features and much more, why wouldn’t you want to use Gmail?

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